Tom Hanks said in an interview that he likes to suddenly visit other people’s weddings: pictures of the most famous «invasions»

In a recent interview on the Late Night With Seth Meyers show, Tom Hanks revealed that he loves to suddenly visit other people’s weddings and take pictures with the newlyweds. We noticed! Here’s what the actor said: ‘It’s all my uncontrollable ego. I can’t stop thinking, what do these people want to remember most on this magical day? Oh, I know – me.”

There are several photos on the internet of newlyweds who have actually found themselves extra happy with Tom Hanks’ sudden presence at their weddings. We’ve rounded up all of the actor’s most famous wedding intrusions.

Tom Hanks helped the bride and her father walk down the aisle, Rome, 2008

The newlyweds’ wedding was hindered by the filming of Angels and Demons nearby. When Tom Hanks saw the bride, he stopped filming and personally escorted her and her father through the crowd.

Elizabeth and Ryan Murphy’s wedding in New York’s Central Park, 2016

Dizembra and Tashia Farris’ wedding, Santa Monica Pier, 2021

Krisna Poznik and Tyson Stahl’s wedding, 2022

The bride wrote a letter to Hanks asking him to perform their wedding ceremony. And the actor agreed! Interesting fact: Tom Hanks does have the official right to officiate weddings, he received a special certificate a few years ago. According to the actor, to officiate his friends’ wedding.

Luke and Grace Gwaltney’s wedding in Pittsburgh, 2022

The latest wedding featuring Hanks! Here he appeared with his wife, Rita Wilson.

Incidentally, this is what Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson looked like at their own wedding in 1988

In 2022, they celebrated their 34th marriage anniversary

By the way, here’s the same June interview where Hanks talked about his love of wedding invasions

The show said that all the marriages depicted by Hanks still haven’t broken up. Can you believe it? He’s great even at that!

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