This seven-year-old bravely enters his burning house to rescue his younger sister.

Despite his young age, Eli displayed bravery beyond his years. His heroism has earned him the title of a true hero. While the entire family was asleep, the courageous young boy rescued his 22-month-old sister from the fire.

Eli is a 7 year old boy, very young but very courageous.

One night, the house unexpectedly caught on fire, but he refused to avoid his duty of rescuing his infant sister.

The little hero has performed extremely dangerous acts that many adults cannot perform.

On December 8, Chris and Nicole Davidson put their three children to bed before going to bed around 8:30 p.m.
Around midnight, a smell of smoke wakes Nicole.

Within minutes, their house caught fire and the family’s youngest child, Erin, almost two years old, was trapped in the room.

The Davidson family rescued their two children, Elijah, 2, and Eli, 7, whom they had raised since they were one year old.
When they want to get Erin out, the parents come to the firewall. The smoke and fire were so thick that they did not reach his room.

They went out and tried to grab him through the window, but the father had nothing to hold on to. At that moment, he picked up Eli who was passing through the window. The brave boy managed to get his sister out of the cradle.

It’s been a year since the Davidsons welcomed Eli into their family. The child showed heroism by entering the burning house. Apparently he was scared at first and thought he wouldn’t succeed; but suddenly he began to shout:
“It’s done, I understand, dad!” Understood! » The idea of saving his sister’s life was stronger than him.
Chris and Nicole are proud of him!

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