This puma spent his whole life in the body of a truck and finally found freedom.

Puma Mustafa lived from an early age in the back of a truck – an iron cage, all in chains.

As a baby, he had been sold to a zoo in Peru, as an exotic and puma trained to perform in street circus shows. So the cougar went in a truck through the villages for fun and entertainment.

When the performance season ended, he curled up and slept in a pile of iron. The president of the animal protection organization admitted that he had not seen a sadder sight than a beautiful wild animal, which was so broken and intimidated.

Mustafa was not aggressive at all, neither to people nor to other animals. He did not show any emotions at all and did not react to anything, it seemed that he was not a living being, but a wound up mechanism.

But there is hope that the animal rights activists will show him appropriate care and attention, and the natural joy of life will return to the wild animal. By the way, before the rescue of Mustafa, the same organization saved Hoover the tiger, who was in the same sad state.

Employees of the organization for the rescue of wild animals assure that their trainers in the circus have no idea what is care and treat animals as a way to make money.


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