This homeless guy spent six hours a day travelling to work and back “home”. And so it went on until a couple of details were noticed by his colleagues

It is no surprise to anyone how difficult it is to find a job. And if you are also homeless, the difficulty increases many times over. But if you have a real desire and ambition, nothing can stand in your way.

A similar story happened to Paulo Maurice Young. He was a simple homeless guy who decided to send his CV to a factory and, miraculously, he was invited for an interview, after which he was offered a position. And everything would have been fine if Paulo hadn’t had to walk three hours to work every day and the same amount of time back ‘home’. Luckily, the story had a good ending, proving once again that there is still room for good in this world.

Paulo Maurice Young was looking for a job for a long time, but it was complicated by the fact that he was homeless

However, this sad fact did not make him give up, and he sent his resume to the Pratt & Whitney factory

Paulo was lucky, not only was he invited for an interview, but he was also subsequently offered a position

But it wasn’t easy for the man: it took him six hours every day to get to work and back “home”

One day his colleagues noticed that Paulo’s clothes were often dirty and he smells unpleasant.

So they asked him directly where he lived

When the truth came out, people immediately decided to help the man. Now he has a place where he can live in comfort and not have to spend so much time travelling

As Paulo admitted, he did not give up and was only striving for work because of his young daughter

This story proves once again that there is still room for good in our world

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