This female dog who has never been home takes her first nap in a real bed.

This dog, who had never been home in her entire life, took her first nap in a real bed.

Throughout her life, the only home the  dog named Sundae had known was a  cluttered backyard plus a cold garage where she could sleep and rest. The dog was eventually rescued in Oklahoma City in the United States by the Country Roads Animal Rescue Society. This charming girl gave birth to tiny puppies in the terrible conditions in which she lived.

After being rescued, Sundae found a loving foster home where she learned what it really feels like to be cared for and loved. There was a very emotional moment that her foster mother will never forget.

As soon as Sundae lay down to rest in the comfort of her new bed, the look of relief on her face was reassuring, for the first time in a long time, the cute little dog knew she was going to be all right.

Sundae’s foster mother wrote, “She’s been with us for about a week, and one could never guessed that she’s never been a house dog. She is crystal clear, incredibly soft and very well-mannered.

The sweet dog’s foster mother gave her a special name because she thought it matched her softness and the color of her chocolate-vanilla and caramel fur on her face.

At first, Sundae was rather shy and fearful of males, but after his adoptive mother left her boyfriend’s shorts at Sundae’s favorite spot, the dog began to approach him a little.

The veterinarian discovered that Sundae has heartworm and needs dental treatment. In general, she is in good health. Her puppies have been adopted by various foster families.

On its Facebook account, the community rescue center provides an update on her case. Now Sundae is sweet and very spoiled. She is always looking for hugs from her people and loves to sleep as close to her mother’s bed as possible.

The woman says, “Her ideal family should have a very laid back lifestyle and a lot of patience to help her come out of her shell and gain confidence. She will stay with me until her perfect family appears!”

She certainly won’t have to wait long for someone to fall madly in love with her and make her part of their family, showering her with love and care for a lifetime.

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