This 82-year-old man has been volunteering at a hospital for 12 years to help premature babies get stronger.

For 12 years, this man, aged 82, has been volunteering at a hospital in order to assist premature babies in becoming stronger.


The world learned of David Deutschman’s existence through the mother of a premature baby, Logan. The boy was born weighing only 1 kilogram.

At first, he could only survive in intensive care. Logan’s mother, Mary Beth Brullett, could not be with him because another young child was waiting at home. Mary’s house is two hours away from the hospital. But the mother came every day to visit the baby. It is clear that Mary’s heart was breaking at the thought that the baby was all alone during these difficult days for him. One day, when she returned to visit Logan, she found him in the arms of a strange old man.

The baby was comfortably cradled in the man’s arms. They looked like grandfather and grandson. Mary couldn’t hold back her tears as she told the story. One day, he himself was injured at the hospital. And there, as a very sociable person, he met several mothers whose children were undergoing treatment.

Twice a week, he visited the intensive care unit for 12 years and never regretted his decision. First, David would talk with mothers whose children had just been admitted, and sometimes even this brief conversation provided great relief to people under significant stress.

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