They were taught to play the violin by their grandfather, who cries as he listens backstage to his grandchildren’s incomparable performance.

Emile and Dariel are two young brothers who received a classical education in violin playing. Their grandfather taught them how to play. He also says he taught them: “In America, if you work hard, dreams can come true.” The brothers came to the AGT show with a dream of winning a million-dollar prize through their cello duet.

Their grandfather is very touched, just watching the boys go on stage, you can see his eyes fill with tears. In his words, “after all I’ve done for them, I deserve to see them on the big stage.”

The judges and the audience are stunned when they hear a Jimi Hendrix tune played by two young children. Their grandfather, with tears in his eyes, talks to Nick Cannon backstage. Nick tells him, “You should be very proud.” The brothers get a “yes” from every judge, and they deserve it!

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