After the officer’s act, the woman’s attitude towards the police underwent a radical change.


It happened in the United States, in the state of California. A young woman was involved in a car accident and was nervously waiting for the police to arrive. She did not like the police, including one incident involving the arrest of a friend.

The woman was traveling in the car with her child. The trip was not supposed to take long, so she did not have any money, food, or diapers for her son with her.

The police said that her case was one of the last on the call list because it was not an emergency. She had to wait about three hours. It was impossible to leave. She was in a bad mood.

“I had a lot of crazy thoughts, a lot of hurtful words running around in my head,” the woman recalled.

Finally, a police officer named Hernandez arrived. The officer began to make a report. He noticed the baby had no diaper, and the woman said her son was hungry.

And then something happened that the young woman never expected. The police officer offered to accompany her and her son to the store, where he bought milk, food, and even diapers. She was also surprised that the officer genuinely cared about her well-being. Hernandez took the time to talk to her, give her advice, and encourage her. “It was a conversation I will never forget, and I am very grateful to him,” the woman says.

The story became public after the heroine shared it on Facebook. “Not all police officers in Oakland are like those I had to deal with before. There are those who can take care of you!” she noted.

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