The squirrel housewife dragged 70 kilos of nuts into the car and did not stop there.

American Bill Fisher’s car turns into a winter storage shed for the extremely domestic squirrel every two years. Both Bill and the squirrel live in Dakota. He discovered eight years ago that his pickup truck was extremely popular among local squirrels.

He was on a business trip that lasted four days and could not figure out how the nuts got under the hood. However, he later found out. Across the road there is a large hazel tree, which once every two years gives a rich harvest, some of which is taken away by squirrels.

However, they store supplies exclusively in this machine. He has tried to change the parking place, and there are other cars nearby, but the squirrels like this one. History repeats itself every two years and the owner of the car has already come to terms.

The only thing before using the car, he, just in case, checks the hood. Note that the squirrels this year were especially industrious. This year, the man took out of the car up to 70 kilos of nuts.

Bill thinks the squirrels are interested in his Chevrolet because of the vehicle’s design and size. Animals can easily crawl through to the body motor, and the place under the hood is quite spacious and makes it possible to stack large supplies.

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