The son took his mother to a nursing home and promised to return in two weeks. He never came.

The son brought his mother to an elderly care facility and made a promise to come back after two weeks. However, he never showed up.


A few weeks ago, I went to work at a nursing home. I have to admit, it’s one of the least pleasant places. These defenseless people have a strong impact on me. I can’t accept that there are so many bad children in the world…

An old grandmother stood by the window of the nursing home. She was wearing light clothes, no shoes at all, just a sock. I approached her and asked.

“Grandmother, why are you dressing so lightly? You might catch a cold. Let me help you. Let’s go, alright?”

“No, my dear. Everything is fine for me. Soon, my son will come and take me away from here. I’m waiting for him, and…”

The poor woman hadn’t finished speaking when the caregivers suddenly came and took her away.

When I entered the director’s office, I asked why the grandmother was in such a state. He told me a heartbreaking story. Two months ago, her son left her and promised to come back in two days, but he never returned. He simply vanished, leaving his mother behind. The grandmother has nothing, and here she is taken care of by the state because her son receives her pension.

“Can I help this poor woman in any way?” I asked.

“Unfortunately, there’s nothing you can do. It’s not possible to teach someone empathy, and we do the rest ourselves. Thank you.”

After that, I remember that incident every day. I can’t comprehend how her son could be so cruel to her.

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