The rescued kangaroo comes home every day to lie on the couch and cuddle with his owner.

It is very interesting to know how you would react if a kangaroo came to your house every day and lay down on your sofa. But the heroes of this story do not mind this at all.

Meet the eastern gray kangaroo (another name for them is giant) named Rufus. Rufus lives in southern Australia. And his favorite pastime is to lie on the couch. Locals call it the sofa expert, as he spends most of his day on it.

The owners of the house do not mind this guest at all. They opened a shelter for kangaroos who were left orphans, fell out of the bag and could not survive without human help.

Most often, kangaroos do not try to get inside the house at all, but Rufus, a 40-kilogram guy, is a funny exception. At first, he only looked closely and peered into the windows. And one day he waited until the door was opened for him, went home and lay down on the sofa.

Now it has become a daily tradition that Rufus treats with surprising seriousness. In Australia, there is a law according to which kangaroos are not pets and this can become punishable.

It is for this reason that, as soon as Rufus has had enough rest on the sofa, the owner takes him out of the house into the yard. Rufus is a very sociable and friendly kangaroo who loves not only the sofa, but also his owners.


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