The pregnant pig had such a strong maternal instinct that it ran away from the farm.

This mother desperately risked herself for the sake of her future piglets. If they were born on a cramped farm, then you know what fate would have been prepared for them. And the mother’s risk was justified – both the pig and its piglets received what they deserved.

It is known that the maternal instinct is one of the strongest natural manifestations and it was as if this pig was driven by its supernatural power when it escaped from the farm, where it was given fresh food every day. It ran behind the fence and made a tunnel, passing through which it appeared in the forest, in the long-awaited freedom.

It found a quiet place there and gave birth to nine piglets. Mom seemed to feel what would happen to the piglets on the farm. The life of domestic pigs can last 15-20 years, but rarely does any of them become so lucky.

Sometimes the piglets appear to be lucky enough to get selected for breeding, but often they don’t live even for a year. This mother hid the piglets and fed them there, but it lost a lot of weight and strength, since the ring in its nose prevented it from getting food, and taking care of  nine piglets is quite tiresome.

But the pig got lucky for the second time. While the owners of the farm found out that the pig was gone, compassionate people found the pig and informed the animal rights activists about it, who took the pig family, fed them and left them where they were for some time, thinking how to save it, because according to the law the pigs were considered to be someone else’s property and could not just be taken away.

And then the volunteers started a large-scale campaign on the network, telling this story. They asked the owners of the farm to give the freedom-loving mother an opportunity to live with dignity, and even the neighbors united to help.

As a result of the noise made, the farmers finally gave their consent and the pig moved to the shelter along with the piglets.

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