The party of a 6-year-old autistic boy initially had no guests, but then strangers came to help.

Initially, there were no guests for the 6-year-old autistic boy’s party, but later some strangers arrived to offer their assistance.


Life has its ups and downs, and this particular story of a birthday celebration has both. It’s disheartening to see how some people acted, but ultimately, the most important thing is that a sweet, young autistic boy is now happy and smiling, which makes everything else fade away.

Ashlee Buratti had arranged a 6th birthday celebration for her son, Glenn, and invited all 16 of his classmates, but unfortunately, none of them showed up. After Ashlee expressed her disappointment on Facebook, kind-hearted people decided to come and bring gifts to make Glenn’s day special. A week later, even the sheriff’s cars, police dogs, and firefighters arrived with gifts that they had purchased with their own money. The most incredible part was a helicopter fly-by that wished Glenn a happy birthday. However, some people were outraged and called the event a waste of taxpayer money. Nevertheless, the focus should be on the positive aspect: the community coming together to ensure that a young autistic boy had a happy birthday after feeling rejected and excluded by his friends.

Glenn waving to the police helicopter as they dropped low and waved during their fly by the attempt to save this young autistic boy’s birthday.

Glenn opens some of the presents that the public servants, police and firemen, purchased with their own money.

Some of the public servants that stopped by to brighten Glenn’s day.

A huge THANK YOU to the strangers, police, firefighters, parents, and children that stepped up to give Glenn a birthday to remember. Your birthday save helps to restore faith in humanity.

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