The older brother sewed a dream dress for his sister so that she could attend the prom

When a Filipino family could not afford to buy or rent a dress for their teenage daughter’s graduation party, her older brother created for her the most amazing ball gown, more beautiful than anything she could ever dream of, truly suitable for the princess.

Francisco Oyao, a benevolent older brother, describes how he and his younger sister have maintained a close relationship throughout their lives.

“I always turn to her for help. We are connected by the same energies and keep each other’s secrets. That is why, as her brother, I wish her only the best. I was sad to see my little sister worried about missing the ball, so I agreed to take responsibility for making her dreams come true.”

Oyao said he was inspired by Michael Cinco’s spring collection to design the exquisite blue butterfly-like outfit.

However, his sister’s preferences were still at the forefront of his thoughts. The cost of fabric in the Philippines is quite low and this is one of the reasons why the enterprising young man was able to provide his sister with a prom dress of her choice despite financial constraints.

After finding inexpensive materials and preparing to spend a considerable amount of time hand sewing intricate garments, the dream had every chance of becoming a reality.

After he got home from school, he worked a few hours on it. To create the outfit, he used nine separate pieces of fabric to create a lattice pattern of satin ribbon.

The centres of the flowers were then embroidered with beads and then sewn on top. The bodice of the dress was hand-stitched with a blue ombré to complement the skirt.

“When we dressed her up for the ball that day, we both cried because it was a bittersweet moment. Seeing the dress come to life and seeing my sister cry with delight. That’s why I made the dress for her,” said the young designer.

However, the older brother, who cared for his younger sister, did not stop there.

He plans to upload a video to YouTube (as soon as he figures out how to repair his phone!) demonstrating how to make a dress at home, with the aim of making it simple enough for anyone to make every girl come to her prom in an elegant dress.

He explains: “She is lucky to have me, and I consider it a privilege. And for all the brothers, I want to give an admonition: let’s treat our little sisters as if they were princesses!”

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