The man took pit bulls from the shelter and they thanked him in full.

The young man went to the shelter for a dog and took two pit bulls from there at once. And this day became fateful for him.

The owners had abandoned their dogs, sending them to a shelter, but this man endowed them with love, warmth and care. Robert, that was the name of our hero, was looking for a pet, and one day he saw the story of these pit bulls. Thus, without hesitation, he decided that he would shelter them.

The dogs treated him with mutual sympathy and imbued with great confidence in the new owner. And very soon they demonstrated their loyalty in action.

Robert was doing routine repairs in the garage and was suddenly four of them at once attacked him and even managed to hit a couple of times, trying to steal his car. But, no such luck. As it seemed, the attackers didn’t understand yet who they were dealing with. Two dogs pounced on them with a menacing bark and they ran away. Thus, the dogs saved their owner’s life.

No harm was done to the life and health of the street hooligans. But they were pretty scared and realized that it’s better not to mess with a person who has such defenders. And Robert, too, was lucky to only get a couple of bruises.

Thus animals can express their gratitude, and the good done to them, will surely return.

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