The man had committed suicide and the dog was lying by the the bridge and hoped he’d come back

Today’s heartbreaking story is sure to leave no one indifferent. At you can see the little dog sitting by the bridge waiting for its owner, who committed suicide a few minutes ago.

Of course it is hard to believe and hard to comprehend, but the dog was lying by the the bridge and as if it was hoping that he would come back. When many people saw this scene, they asked for surveillance cameras to see what happened.

Of course they knew that the man had jumped out, but they had no idea that the dog had come after him. CCTV cameras dispelled any doubts. One of the passers-by tried to pick up the dog, but it got frightened and ran away. Luckily they managed to take photos of the dog. They published them on the social networking site and the pictures went viral in an instant. When the net users read this touching story, they spared no effort and did everything they could to find the dog.

We hope that the fate of this sweet dog will turn out well, because no one knows, where it is now or what’s happened to it. Of course it is very sad that its owner took his own life, but we hope that it will meet a good and kind family who will love and care for it!

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