The little girl became popular because she dresses like a grown-up.You should see her amazing photos

Maya Basol, a Turkish girl not yet nine years old, is already receiving invitations to modeling shows. She maintains an Instagram account and garners thousands of likes, all because she loves dressing up and doesn’t choose her clothes herself.

The infant was born with distinct features, and her mother has been accentuating her beauty and imparting fashion sense to her since infancy.

Social media enthusiasts have been captivated by her charm, evident from the fact that more than 250,000 individuals have subscribed to her page. Besides, her father and she manage a YouTube channel, concentrating on diverse cooking themes.

Maya enjoys participating in swimming and singing lessons, although her schedule is tightly planned with no room for playtime.

Additionally, during holidays, she receives new clothes as gifts that maintain her stylish and fashionable appearance, whether attending school, a show, or shopping with her mother.

Turkish fashion houses invite her to participate in events, where she garners attention.

However, not everyone achieves such success at a young age. Some argue that children still require their childhood.

Whether or not it is correct remains uncertain; only time will tell. The photographs indicate that the girl is content and passionate about her endeavors, and isn’t that what matters most?

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