The girl was teased by children and called a giraffe at school. It’s been 8 years, and now everyone dreams of taking a picture with her

Our story today is about long-legged beauty Holly Brutus. By the age of 12, the girl had grown to 182 cm and was taller not only than all her peers, but also her teachers.

Many of her classmates, who were 1-2 heads shorter than her at the time, constantly called her ‘giraffe’, ‘Gulliver’s daughter’ and ‘tree’.

We all know the blow these insulting words take on teenage girls.

However, Holly was able to rise above it all and soon moved from Florida to New York.

Now 20 years old, she is studying design at a university in New York and working as a model.

She has repeatedly admitted in interviews that she finds it much easier to breathe and live in the Big Apple.

Not only do people there not think she is a leper, they admire her beauty !

Thus Holly’s biggest complex ended up being a source of pride for her.

Now passersby on the streets are asking her to stop and take a picture with her.

Holly’s legs are listed in the US Guinness Book of World Records.

Before her, the record belonged to model Lauren Williams with a leg length of 124 cm.

The slender legs of an American girl are 1.7 cm longer !

This does not prevent her from walking on high platforms and heels. “If I see someone taller than me in a bar, I go straight to him/her and start a dialogue,” she says in an interview.

For ten years Holly played football and eight years she played basketball, but she was dropped from the team because she was too tall.

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