The girl saved the jaguar in the forests of Amazon risking her own life, and this is how it thanked her.

This story happened in the wild forests of Amazon. As a result of a flood, the young leopard was about to drown in the water. However, the soldiers of the local Brazilian army near and, of course, as true rescuers, they simply could not remain indifferent to the unfortunate animal.

The jaguar was already exhausted, fruitlessly trying to escape, and they rushed straight into the abyss of water, not afraid of either the predator or the flood, and carried him out in their arms.

Ignoring the risk, the selfless soldiers, thought not about themselves, but about saving someone else’s life, even if it was an animal.

After the jaguar recovered somewhat and saw how it was treated, it accepted the soldiers as his friends and realized that they were trustworthy. In particular, it liked one girl, whom it began to hug and did not let go for a long time.

After the predator was saved, they decided to take it with them, since it was still weak and could hardly survive in its natural habitat and would become a prey for poachers.

The local authorities found out about this case and allowed the jaguar to remain under the care of the state army. They called the predator Jikitai and now it is already an big, healthy and strong animal.

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