The dog stood in front of the entrance to the store and imploringly looked into the eyes of visitors. A young man in an expensive coat did not remain indifferent.

At the entrance to one of the supermarkets, a homeless dog was wandering around. Before that, he had been living in one of the gas stations, the workers of which would feed him. But then the owner of the gas station had said that the dog should no longer stay there and they drove it away and left near the supermarket. And so, the territory adjacent to the supermarket became his new haven.

Visitors fed her here, and he also found food at the nearest rubbish dump, although there were often cases when he had to fight with formidable congeners for a piece of bread, because street life is cruel.

In summer, it was not so bad for him, as he could stay outside in warm night, however, with the beginning of winter, difficult times came.

And so, one November day, our hero took refuge under a bench, protecting himself from the rain, and a fashionably and expensively dressed guy sat on that same bench and spoke on the phone, rather loudly. Obviously, the conversation was not a pleasant one, as after that he seemed upset.

They sat like that for several minutes, and then the dog came out from under the bench and seemed to calm him down. When the guy approached his car, the dog was still siting in the rain. After walking a couple of steps, the guy turned around and called out to his incidental friend.

Within a few minutes, the tramp was already sitting in the warm cabin of a good car, cheerfully wagging it tail. It was the beginning of a new life without troubles and hardships.

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