The dog refused to leave the shelter without a friend

Pit bull Merrill and chihuahua Taco became friends at a dog shelter. They lived together for four years. All this time the dogs were looking for new owners.

Volunteers of the shelter told about a four-year dog friendship. One day Merrill got sick, and she was operated on. Taco never left her side, and she recovered quickly. After that, the friendship of dogs became even stronger.Therefore, in the shelter they live in the same enclosure and always sleep in an embrace.

A few months ago, a man came to the shelter. He was looking for a true friend and when he saw beautiful Merrill, he immediately fell in love with her.

He filled out all the paperwork and was ready to accept her. When Merrill was taken out of the enclosure, she began to whine, and so did Taco. They looked at each other with incredibly sad eyes.

Merrill braced herself with all four paws and refused to budge.

The volunteers were worried whether someone would agree to take both Merrill and Tacos. The dogs were taken together, and now they have a large family.

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