The dog kept crying and barking at the pregnant mother — eventually saving her life

There are many stories of the loyalty and devotion of dogs, and it is not for nothing that this animal is called a true friend of human beings. It is said that dogs can sense danger or sickness. And the story of the owners of a dog called Keola, Ricky and Alana Butler confirms this.

Ricky and Alana Butler live in England and have an Akita-inu dog, Keola, who they consider a full-fledged member of the family. When Alana found out that she was pregnant, she and Ricky were over the moon, but Keola was beginning to show signs of anxiety.

Moreover, the pregnancy test was negative at first. Alana threw it in the trash, but Keola retrieved it from the trash and brought it back to the owner. She realised she had made a mistake and took the test again. It was the second time that it was clear that there was going to be a new addition to the family.

During her pregnancy, Alana experienced lower back pain and went to the hospital. But the doctor found no reason to worry and said it was normal. But the dog never stopped behaving strangely, following her around and poking her back with its nose. The dog kept looking at her with such sad eyes that she was beginning to worry herself. She took a picture of this dog’s gaze and posted the picture on Facebook.

Users said that the dog was clearly sensing something wrong, so the pregnant woman should take better care of her health.

«I took a picture of her and posted it on Facebook. I joked that I should have called Keola Hachiko. My friends took it unexpectedly seriously and advised me to pay attention to the dog’s behaviour. They thought Keola was feeling something».

During Alana’s pregnancy, Keola would follow her around the house, barking and howling longingly. One day, when she was 20 weeks pregnant, the dog piled its entire weight on top of her, literally preventing her from moving or doing anything.

Alana decided to see a doctor again. She did not make it to the hospital, passing out on the way. On the same day, she was admitted to the intensive care unit because she was diagnosed with a serious kidney disease. A delay of just a few days threatened the young woman with death. Doctors managed to pull Alana and her baby out of the afterlife.

Alana’s case was found to be very complicated and neglected. The doctors also diagnosed a rare pathology in which Alana was strictly against antibiotic treatment.

«No one realised how sick I was — only Keola. It turns out I was literally dying. The doctors discovered I had a rare kidney infection — that’s why my back was just falling off. I came in for help at the last minute. A little more and it would have been too late. The doctors said that a day or two more and neither my son nor I would have been saved. They say dogs can smell cancer in their owners for a reason.

Thanks to Keola, doctors saved Alana and her baby’s life. The girl gave birth to a healthy son, Lincoln, who quickly became friends with the caring dog. Unofficially, Keola is even considered to be the baby’s godmother.

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