The dog herself came to the veterinary clinic to give birth, and the father of the family was waiting at the doorstep.

Loyalty is one of the distinctive features of dogs. At the same time, they are devoted to both their owner and their second half. Most often, mothers raise puppies, but sometimes dads are involved in this process and do their best to feed the offspring and keep them safe.

This incident occurred in the town of Cariasica in Brazil. There are only a few veterinary clinics in the small town, and it was in one of them that this event took place.

On surveillance cameras, it was filmed how the dog was standing at the entrance and did not want to leave. She’d been sitting by the door since morning. Veterinarian Juan Aureu Rodriguez de Oliveira wanted to know what had happened and saw that the dog was about to give birth.

They called the dog Amiga and decided to help, since it had no owners, neither a chip or a collar. And it was with this doctor that the dog gave birth to six healthy puppies.

However, this was not yet the most striking. Another dog was sitting nearby, and, as the doctors suggested, it was the father of the puppies, who was sitting and waiting for his life partner.

The clinic staff decided that it would be dangerous to let a dog with puppies out into the street and the babies would not survive. And so now Amiga, her spouse and puppies are in the clinic and the doctors are waiting until they get stronger, so that they can be attached to caring owners.

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