The couple took a disabled dog from the shelter. What was the real reason for this action

A sheepdog named Bandit is paralyzed in his lower body and uses a wheelchair. The dog has been returned to the shelter four times because of the difficulty of care.

Darrell and Sue Ryder found out about the Bandit from social networks and wanted to take the dog. They were not afraid of caring for a sick dog. Darrell is also a wheelchair user. «Coincidentally, he and I have the same type of paralysis. We use a wheelchair,» Darrell said. «Since Sue and I know what life in a wheelchair is, we understood what he needed. We also felt a deep connection with him.»

Within a month we were negotiating about the placement of the dog in the family. All the peculiarities of the dog’s care and the conditions of his care were clarified. After careful preparation, the Ryders arranged their first meeting with the dog. It went well, and they immediately took the dog home.

Darrell said Bandit is «just like him». They want to provide the dog with understanding and care.

The dog quickly settles in with his new family. The Riders feel as if he has lived with them all his life. They surrounded him with attention and affection.

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