The bride and her bridesmaids exchanged bouquets of flowers for puppies in need of a decent house at the wedding

The bride and groom at this wedding were brought together by their love for not just each other, but also for stray pups in need of loving homes.

With two beautiful dogs and two adorable cats sharing their now-common home, it’s no wonder that the couple’s wedding was pet-free.

Instead of a photo session with flowers, the couple opted to plan a photoshoot… with dogs, considering how many puppies are still waiting for a home and loving owners. An adorable dog was given to each bridesmaid from a local shelter.

‘All you need is love and dogs,’ says the poster. ‘We believed that by sharing these photos, we may help prevent the never-ending cycle of newborn little puppies being left.’

‘People need to understand that animal shelters are full of abandoned and lonely pets looking for new homes,’ said the bride. Her plan worked out perfectly: all of the puppies in these images were rescued from a shelter.

The newlyweds sent an astonishing sum to the shelter’s account, which provided them with dogs for the wedding, after saving money on wedding trinkets for the guests.

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