The beauty contest winner was unrecognisable: what she really looks like

Without make-up, it was impossible to recognise the winner of the competition.

The fact that beauty contests for the youngest children are gaining popularity on the planet is alarming.

Parents, driven by a desire for fame and money, send their daughters to these contests and resort to various manipulations to achieve beauty perfection. The pictures of a contestant wearing make-up to look like a grown-up woman caused a big resonance on the web.

Images of a beautiful Thai girl in vogue on social media. Especially for the competition, she had her make-up and hair done, which would have been better for a mature woman. The baby looks like a doll ! Where is her personality ?

However, the amazing thing is that without make-up, the girl is unrecognisable. In real life, her skin is much darker, and it’s amazing! After all, nothing compares to naturalness, and instilling the idea in a child that his/her skin should be light and perfect is a crime against his/her identity.

Internet users are urging the girl’s parents to change their minds and stop turning their little one into a professional role model. The girl should not fall prey to adults who only think of their own gain. But she really is adorable !

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