Street dog interrupts street show to support the actor that played a wounded person.

This touching story tells how a stray dog ​​literally flew into a street show to support and encourage an artist who plays the role of an injured person.

This incident occurred in Turkey and the role of the wounded went to the actor Numan Ertugrul Uzunsoy. He was lying on the pavement, depicting how his leg hurts from an injury, and suddenly the dog, which had previously been lying curled up, ran up to him and began to lick his face.

Note that the assembled spectators were really delighted with the behavior of the animal.

The dog saw how the men put the supposedly wounded actor on the ground and thought that he needed help.

The actor himself says that his character was crippled as a result of a fall from a horse and he was supposed to writhe in pain and breathe heavily. At first he did not understand what was happening at all, but then he realized that a new friend, in the face of a dog, had come to help. He added that he was insanely pleased and touched by the kisses of the four-legged buddy. It was like an angel wishing to lessen his suffering.

This was very unexpected for the man, and the crew fell in love with this dog, and the audience greeted him as a real heroine. Now the actor is searching for the animal, to help him find caring and loving owners.

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