Squirrel mom asks a girl for help for her injured baby.

This very touching incident took place in the United States in a city park in Williamsburg, Virginia. A girl named Tia Powell loves to walk in this park and feed squirrels and birds.

It was during another such walk that she noticed a squirrel that followed her all the way. She walked like a human along the path, while keeping her distance. This behavior is not that common for squirrels.

It seemed to the girl that the squirrel was hungry and gave the animal some of her sandwich.

However, the squirrel remained indifferent to food, it walked around Tia and stood in front of her, trying to block the way. Obviously she was trying to express something. The girl went for the squirrel and it was the right decision. It turned out that the squirrel mother brought her to her baby, who urgently needed help.

The animal had seriously injured its paw. Tia was not a professional veterinarian, but she understood that help was needed. She tried to put the baby on its paws. Interestingly, the mother watched and did not resist.

Realizing that the squirrel was unable to walk, the girl turned to the Society for the Protection of Animals. The police quickly arrived and the squirrel was taken to the vet. It turned out that the paw was severely dislocated. But just a few days later, the baby was already healthy and was returned to the park. The girl continues to walk in her favorite park and more carefully, looking closely at the squirrels, what if someone needs help again.

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