Schoolgirl makes millions by coming up with names for Chinese children. Here’s how it all started

Bo Jessup, 16, owns a website that helps Chinese parents choose an English name for their baby.

This helped her earn over €60,000.

Bo came up with the idea while on holiday with her family in China.

While having dinner with Chinese family friends, they asked the schoolgirl what name she would recommend for their baby.

After all, there has long been a trend in China to choose an extra English name in case the baby goes abroad to study or work.

Bo was very surprised at such a request, as choosing a name for a child is such a responsible step.

However, she soon found out how often the Chinese give their babies very funny and ridiculous English names and decided that she could change that.

China has a rather strict policy on the internet. Citizens can’t get access to famous English-language sites to choose names, so they often focus on world-famous brands and popular culture.

Often babies are called Rolex or Gandalf.

However, this does not prevent the Chinese from being very attentive to the traditional name of their baby.

They believe that the name can influence the character and destiny of a person.

That’s why Bo created her own website called “Special Name”.

For each of the English names, there are 12 specific character traits that are considered inherent in it.

Parents have to choose the 5 most attractive qualities, the gender of the unborn child and make a payment.

To do this, the site offers them 3 most suitable English names.

Having made a choice, parents receive a certificate with the meaning of the name and an example of a celebrity who was named the same.

Bo’s website has already named more than 200,000 Chinese children.

The girl herself admits that it was just an amateur project and she did not expect such a stunning success at all.

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