A pizza delivery turned into a detective story


Joey Grundle is a pizza delivery guy in Waldo, Wisconsin. That day, as usual, he delivered an order to a customer’s house. The door was opened by a man. Behind him stood a woman with her eyes wide open and whispered silently: “Help me, call the police.” Joey handed over the pizza, took the money, and as soon as the door closed, wasted no time in contacting the police.

When the police arrived, the door was opened by the same man. This time the woman was not behind him, but her screams could be heard. The police officers threw the man to the floor, twisted his arms behind his back, and arrested him.

A woman was found tied up in the bathroom. She reported that her ex-boyfriend, Dean Hoffman, had entered without invitation and attacked her unexpectedly. “I was so scared, I didn’t think I’d make it through the night,” the woman recalls.

Hoffman told the police that he had a .22 caliber rifle in his car and that he even wrote a suicide note. He was charged with kidnapping.

Thanks to the help of pizza delivery driver Joey Grundl, the woman was rescued. And this is not the only case when a pizza delivery driver helped save a person. In 2016, an employee of a pizzeria noticed that regular customer Alexander Kirk had not ordered pizza for 11 days – while he had been ordering regularly for seven years. The employee went to check if everything was okay with Alexander. When he discovered that there was a lot of disorder in the house, he called 911 emergency services. Later it turned out that Alexander needed medical attention.

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