Photos that prove that kindness will save the world!

If you are mired in a gray routine, nothing pleases you and the world seems dull and gray, look at these photos. They will prove to you that good things happen, there are good people and the world is beautiful! And most importantly, these miracles are within the power of everyone!

1. The fireman returns the owner of the cat, which they rescued from a burning house.

2. These kids read books to dogs that ended up in a shelter in Missouri. The calm voices of children calm frightened animals.

3. The volunteers made splints for a bird with broken feet.

4. This deer was doomed to die in a turbulent stream of water, but a boy named Belal risked his life and saved the baby.

5. This homeless man gives his coat to his dog to keep him warm.

6. This elderly man takes his old dog for a walk every day. She has injured paws, and walks make her happy.

7. This dog suffers from arthritis and his owner takes him to the lake every day, in the water the pain subsides and the dog can sleep. The owner carefully holds his friend and patiently waits for him to sleep.

8. These two paralyzed dogs were given wheelchairs so they can run and enjoy life again.

9. Naoto Matsumura is the only person living in the restricted area not far from Fukushima. He returned to rescue abandoned animals.

10. The boy decided to shelter the deer from the rain.

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