A South Carolina couple was approaching their 60th anniversary together. Their granddaughter Abigail Lidick, a professional photographer, decided to capture and celebrate the occasion with the family.

Ginger, 78, and George, 83, came to visit their granddaughter in New Jersey. For a special photo shoot, they brought a wedding dress and flowers and did their grandmother’s hair and makeup.

“I wanted to make them feel special and let them spend time with their family. They would do anything for their grandchildren,” Abigail said.

Grandma and Grandpa, according to Abigail, are the “go-to guys,” who are always there for wise advice.

“You can call and ask them anything, there’s nothing forbidden. They’re funny and joke around all the time. Grandpa always sings and makes Grandma laugh. They’re together all the time,” she said.

The couple has some advice for young spouses.

First, “don’t go to bed if you’re angry.”

Second, “be willing to forgive at all times, because you just have to do it.”

And finally, “keep a sense of humor.”

Ginger, 78, and George, 83, have four children, 18 grandchildren and 19 great-grandchildren

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