Owner’s Favorite Song Comes On Radio, Then Dog Shows Everyone It’s His Favorite Too

If you have a dog, and you think your friend is starting to resemble you in many ways, then let me allay your concerns and tell you that it’s not just in your head. Several studies have shown that dogs and owners do share similar characteristics and physical characteristics.

One possible explanation for this is that dogs tend to take after their owners and pick up certain behaviors and even passions. That seems to be the case of the owner and dog in the video below.

Junior’s owner, Walter Ledermüller loves singing in the car and the dog has picked up on this hobby as well. In the clip below, you can watch them sing a duet of Rihanna’s famous song called “Diamonds,” and chances are you will be impressed by their vocal abilities.

This is not the first time Walter and Junior “perform” together in the car. On Walter’s growing YouTube channel, you can also watch funny videos of the two singing Frozen’s “Let It Go” and the all-time classic, “You Raise Me.”
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