New standards of beauty: a deaf-mute model conquers the catwalks of the planet

Recently, a new star has appeared in the fashion world whose appearance has not gone unnoticed. This girl is extremely beautiful and has a perfect figure. Her snow-white hair, sky-blue eyes and adorable freckles catch the eye.

This beauty’s name is Aygerim Ayapbergenova and she is Asian from Kazakhstan.

Aygerim successfully collaborates with the Goltsman models agency. She is a regular participant in shows and photo shoots of such designers as Aynur Turisbek, Sergey Shabunin and Tamara Lamanukaeva, and these designers never tire of admiring their new find.

And the model’s photographs regularly appear in the pages of internationally renowned magazines such as Harpers’s baazar, BLVD, Vintage, MINI, Vogue Russia, Elle and L’Officiel.

Aygerim collaborates with the most famous photographers, and they in turn admit that her deafness has never been an obstacle for realising vibrant fashion projects. In the shoot, Ayapbergenova never demands any special treatment and works to her heart’s content without being star-struck. At the Goltsman annual models awards, she was named “Discovery of the Year” and “Model of the Year”.

And the thing is, Aygerim is an albino, and along with her Asian features, her appearance is amazing.

For all her successful modeling activities, the girl has no intention of conforming to fashion standards. She doesn’t have surgery to change her appearance, and on the contrary, photographers and make-up artists love to highlight her lovely freckles.

Aygerim is now 27 and has only recently become a model. She used to play sports and has even won significant competitions.

But the girl plans to continue her modeling career, because she is now so popular with many designers and photographers.

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