Mother tells her three-year-old daughter that she was adopted because no one wanted her: “I want you, Mummy!”

A mother tells her three-year-old daughter that she was adopted because no one else wanted her, to which the child responds, “But I want you, Mommy!”


Children always surprise and delight us with their purity and simplicity. They don’t have any abstruse ideas, and they immediately grasp the meaning of what really matters. The touching reaction of a little girl learning that her mother was adopted is an example of this. Although adoption and its meaning may not have been a concept that this three-year-old girl fully understood, her mother’s essential explanation was enough for her to understand what was important.

Emily Fauver is a mum and expert who decided to publish a very sweet and touching scene between her and her daughter Ella, who is just 3 years old. The video, taken by one of the security cameras, shows Emily and Ella chatting in the kitchen. Emily is eating a banana and her daughter just asks her: «Who’s your mum?»; the woman replies «Mimi», but the child wants to know more: «Why is Mimi your mum?» At this point, the woman explains to her daughter that she is adopted, and to her daughter’s next question «Why?» she replies: «Because my mum didn’t want me, so a new mum came and took me in».

The child was deeply shocked that someone «doesn’t want» her mum, and after a short pause said: «Oh, I want you, I want you, I will be your mother.» Emily was visibly touched by this response and seemed almost to cry with emotion, «Give me a hug. That’s so sweet. That’s why I took you,» she told her daughter.

The video is so touching that it has attracted more than 1.5 million users; Emily clearly wrote in the video’s caption: «You have been warned… take tissues or a whole box of them. This child has no idea how much she has healed my inner child. God knew my heart needed you.» One user commented, «Lately my heart has been urging me to adopt a child and your story makes that desire grow in me.»

Another user wanted to share her personal story, very similar to Emily’s: «I too was adopted, and when my son asked me about adoption at about the same age as your daughter, he was so sympathetic… and gave me all the love I ever needed from my birth parents. It’s wonderful that you shared that with us.»

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