Mother dolphin jumps happily and thanks the fishermen who freed her baby from the nets.

Human activities have always had an impact on the environment, and most often in a detrimental way. Many representatives of the animal world suffer greatly from people, and there are species that are on the verge of extinction because of human activity.

However, to our great joy, not all people are like that, and in recent years humanity has become more conscious and careful when things come to nature and shows more mercy and compassion towards our smaller brothers. And so, we read stories of miraculous animal rescues more and more often.

On one of the Italian coasts, a very sad story happened with a small dolphin. He got caught in the net and could not get out on his own. However, local fishermen rushed to the rescue the baby, letting him out of the trap. If not for them, everything could have ended sadly.

However, the most amazing part of this story was the reaction of the dolphin’s mother to his rescue. She jumped out of the sea and began to do somersaults, showing gratitude to the saviors in such an unusual way. And the fishermen began to applaud the beautiful dance of the mother dolphin.

Dolphins have significant differences from most mammals. They are highly intelligent and have developed sense organs, and therefore there is no doubt that the mother thus showed her joy.

One of the fishermen, Mario Polizzi, made a video with this scene and posted it online with an important message – the need to take care of other representatives of the animal world.


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