More than 20 years ago, Indian actor Mithun Chakraborty took custody of a girl who was left in the garbage. How was her life?

Mithun is a famous and sought-after actor in his country. Popularity came to him in the 80s after the release of the film “Disco Dancer”. Then he won the hearts of millions of viewers, because he was a very charismatic and attractive young man. Women were in love with him and dreamed of marrying him. The actor has more than 350 roles behind him, not everyone can boast of such a filmography. He is now the most sought after actor in the world.

But not everyone knows that 23 years ago Mithun did a very kind and noble deed, which we will tell you about today.

The man was very wealthy and successful. In addition to fees for roles, he received a good income from his business, which he did in the 90s. He is the owner of a chain of hotels and a football club. But despite this, he remained a very simple and sympathetic person.

Mithun’s personal life has also been very successful. He married a colleague on the set – Yogita. Three children were born in the family. And 23 years ago they took custody of another girl, who was named Dishani.

The baby girl’s life has not been going well since she was born. Her biological parents had thrown her into a rubbish bin. The girl was found by random passers-by who took her to the hospital. The case was the talk of the country and Mithun decided to adopt the baby.

The girl was welcomed into the family at once; she was never a stranger to them. As she grew older, Dishani grew stronger and became a real beauty.

As a young girl she developed an interest in film and has always been artistic and liberated. After high school, she enrolled in an acting course at an institute. Now she is predicted to have a brilliant future, because she is very beautiful and talented.

Mithun is very proud of his daughter and supports her in all her endeavours.

The girl who was once left to die in a rubbish bin has now been transformed into a real beauty.

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