Mom helps her daughter flawlessly replicate celebrity looks by making them from what’s in the house

It’s not the first time Alya Çaglar and her daughter Stephanie from Turkey have appeared in our feed, but we think such talent shouldn’t stay in the shadows. The mom’s imagination for creating stunning new outfits for her young but already experienced model Stephanie never stops working for a minute. On their Instagram page, this years-old duo never stops delighting their followers with new ideas on how you can make a Hollywood star’s outfit out of random things you might have at home. And you can walk the red carpet at home, without leaving your room, no worse than Lady Gaga!


When your daughter looks like all the celebrities at once.

Meghan Markle

The little lady started gaining her popularity a few years ago when her mom started picking up pieces of fruit, vegetables, or flowers to create a new and unusual “dress” for the photo. When Alya first had a great angle with a piece of watermelon, that’s when she had the idea of how to come up with interesting images from what might be right next to you.

Bella Hadid

Jessica Chastain

Princess Diana

The queen of people’s hearts.


Fashion show by designer Marina Hermanseder

The young mother never had a goal to make money and become an Internet star, but the originality of the idea, creative approach to her favorite occupation and the charm of the little fashionista did their job.

Penelope Cruz

Chris Lee

Celine Dion

Now their “clothing line” gathers thousands of likes on their Instagram page and enthusiastic comments from people who are not indifferent to modern fashion.


Paris Fashion Week 2020

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