He is 24, she is 61. How do they live and what projects they have

He is 24 and she is 61. They got married and now want a baby.

Her face is covered with wrinkles and her age is approaching 62. But that hasn’t stopped her from shooting tic-tac-toe with her young husband. We’ll tell you how the elderly American’s relationship with the 24-year-old, who is old enough to be her grandson, is evolving.

They got together after the guy came of age

American Cheryl MacGregor met her future husband back in 2012. At the time, the spectacular African-American Coran was just a teenager. He had recently turned 15 and was working at a local fast-food restaurant. Cheryl’s son also worked as a manager there. They all lived in Rome, Georgia.

Cheerful Cheryl immediately attracted the attention of the Koran, but the relationship between them began much later, when they met again in November 2020. At first they were just friends and danced together. After all, it is in rhythmic movements, according to Cheryl, that the source of vital energy is hidden.

But very soon there was a spark between the dancers and Coran was the first to surrender. He confessed his feelings to his beloved and she reciprocated. The couple started spending more time together and even started a Tik Tok account. Their funny videos of them dancing, hugging and kissing are getting more than 60,000 views and the number of subscribers has surpassed a million.

Seem to be totally different

The 24-year-old Coran looks his age. He has a stylish haircut, a pierced ear and a nose piercing. Once the guy worked out in the gym, but now his body has gained weight and visually Coran has become stronger.

Cheryl, although she has a slim figure and dresses like a young girl, still looks her age. She has good blonde hair, but her face is strewn with age spots and wrinkles. The woman’s arms and neck also give away her old age.

Posting kissing photos on Instagram

Cheryl is now 61 years old. She celebrated her birthday with Coran, who sent her touching birthday greetings online and declared his love. On the occasion, the young man posted a series of photos together, showing the couple’s affection for each other at a glance.

They often post pictures of their kisses online. As if they are trying to assure others that there is true love and passion between them. The couple even mentioned the latter in an interview. The couple calls their intimate life mind-blowing and even started an account on the OnlyFans social network, where they share candid home videos.

Followers, meanwhile, approve of the couple’s relationship. People write many flattering comments about them and interviewers point out the special bond between the lovers. Despite a solid age difference of 37 years, Cheryl and Coran seem to be having a good time together. Last year, the couple went on holiday. The couple chose Panama. There, Cheryl posed extensively in a bikini and again kissed extensively on camera with her young lover.

In July last year, Coran proved he was serious and proposed to his sweetheart. Cheryl said yes. On Instagram, the bride proudly showed off the gift ring. And to the surprise of many, the couple didn’t delay in formalising their relationship.

They had their wedding in September 2021. Cheryl appeared as a young maiden. She wore a white lace wedding dress with open shoulders and her hair was styled in dramatic waves.

Of course, a difference of 37 years is no barrier to real feelings. Especially if both spouses are on the same page. And looking at Cheryl, it’s clear that at heart she’s still the mischievous girl with the easygoing disposition that young men are so attracted to.

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