He does a good deed to a stranger: the reward is completely unexpected

Doing kind acts is a good habit, because in this way you can please, even with a small and simple gesture, the person in front of you. And if that person is going through bad times, showing kindness becomes something more…

This is the story of Casey Simmons, a 32-year-old American waiter from Dallas who is generously rewarded for his empathy for a man he never knew…

Casey Simmons, 32, did an incredibly kind act that changed the day of a woman he helped.
Casey was shopping in a supermarket when he noticed a woman who looked sad and visibly depressed.

When the young man saw the woman, he spoke to her in a friendly manner. Once at the till, Casey made a small yet grand gesture towards the woman, offering to pay the bill.

“It’s only $17, it’s not much, I just wanted to do something nice for her to support her in some way,” says the lad.

A few days later, at the restaurant where Casey works, the girl orders a $0.37 bottle, but it doesn’t end there. She leaves Casey a tip of $500, as well as a note written on a paper napkin…
The girl was the daughter of a woman he had met a few days earlier in a supermarket, and with this gesture she wanted to thank Casey for being so kind to her mother on the third anniversary of the death of the woman’s husband. Casey could not have imagined how important it was for the woman to have someone by her side at this time, and so he deserved this special thanks!

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