This story happened two years ago in Detroit. On her birthday, the girl decided to spend money not on herself, but on gifts for the police officers.

Nine-year-old Samaya McLaughlin bought groceries and prepared food packages for every police officer. Each package contained a homemade sandwich, chips, fruit, and cookies. She made 30 of them and personally handed them to each officer.

So the girl decided to support the local police officers a few days after the shooting of their colleagues in Dallas. It’s worth noting that at that time, five police officers were killed and seven were wounded in a sniper attack.

“I thought I was supposed to make food for the police officers. I wanted to show that I support them and thank them for everything they do,” the girl said. “There’s such a big heart in such a small body. She shared with us what she has. It’s just fantastic!” – Police Officer Norma Black told Today.

As a token of gratitude, the police department awarded Samaya the title of “Officer of the Day.” The girl said, “I like making people happy and taking care of them.”

After news of the girl’s act spread, others followed her example. The police department received many calls with words of thanks and offers of help.

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