For three long years, the dog from Krivoy Rog did not leave the grave of the owner.

The loyalty of animals is sometimes amazing, and this story is another testament to the loyalty and devotion that only our four-legged friends are capable of.

The owner of this dog lived in Ukraine, and when he passed away, the dog had no one else and there was nowhere to go either, and it remained to live on the grave of his owner.

Many neighbors knew what happened to the poor dog, however, no one wanted to take it home. So the dog lived in the graveyard, and people who knew about its unfortunate fate left food there. The cemetery staff drove the dog away several times, but it still returned to the very place of burial of its only relative.

So years passed one after the other, until a kind man found this unfortunate guy. He had come to honor the memory of his relatives and saw the animal. He photographed it and made a post in thematic groups on social networks, which attracted the attention of animal rights activists.

Volunteers took the dog and started to look for a permanent home for the seven-year-old faithful dog.

Now this wonderful dog is in search of the best owners. It’s very friendly and calm, and would be happy to live with permanent owners.

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