A football player gave his shoes to a homeless person.


Garrett Johnson is a student at a university in Tennessee and plays on the university’s football team. One evening, while walking down the street, he saw a homeless man sitting on a bench, staring at his shoes, which were almost completely falling apart.

Garrett asked the homeless man to wait for 15 minutes and returned with two pairs of sneakers in his hands that were just right for the man. The whole thing was captured on video, which the football player posted on social media.

“I want to promise that I will continue to do good deeds and not necessarily film them,” Johnson wrote on Twitter. “This particular instance was just an opportunity to show how a kind act can change something in another person’s life,” he added.

One of the readers commented: “Maybe I won’t be a fan of the football team Johnson plays for, but I will definitely be a fan of him. We need more examples like this to follow.”

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