Fatal illness: A poor seven-year-old boy was told he was sick and the staff threw a party for him.

Fatal disease: An unfortunate seven-year-old boy was told he had a fatal disease. The staff organized a party for him.


Life is the most beautiful thing we can have, and we can never be grateful enough for this tremendous gift.

We all strive to make it better every day, to live life to the fullest and to do the things that make us happy. But life is not always beautiful, and unfortunately we are often faced with real tragedy. This was the case for the family in this article who received the sad news that their seven-year-old child was suffering from a serious illness.

Manuele is a seven-year-old Italian boy who went to the emergency room with his parents because he was having trouble breathing.
“We don’t know if Manuele will have another birthday,” says Maria, “and this is a gift for him. The more children there are, the better the party will be. If they come dressed up, it’s even better, but we’ll invite everyone and they can dress however they want. We are very excited.

Unfortunately, there’s nothing we can do about that, but we hope that this gathering of children and superheroes will be a joyous occasion.

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