Children knock on midwife’s door saying, «We need you, our second mom» — Story of the Day

A poor midwife trying to survive and make ends meet was surprised when children knocked on her door on Mother’s Day. To her surprise, they called her their «second mother,» which made her wonder who these children were.

Linda was a successful doctor who worked as an obstetrician in a maternity hospital. She had been doing well for many years, but after her husband died about three years ago, she discovered that he had large debts.

To avoid arrest, Linda gradually paid off all of her husband’s debts, which left her destitute. In addition to working as a doctor, she had to find another job to pay the mortgage, monthly bills, and expenses.

Linda did not expect her life to turn out this way, especially since doctors make good money. However, her wealth quickly deteriorated because of her husband’s unknown actions.

Part of her is angry at her husband for keeping it all from her, but she also doesn’t have the strength to be angry at someone who is already dead. After all, she needed to be in the right frame of mind to successfully bring forth new life.

One Mother’s Day, Linda was at home making her lunch when she heard a knock on the door. «Who is it?» — she exclaimed.

«We need you, our second mother!» — she heard shouts of small but loud voices.

Linda walked to the door, thinking curiously that it might be the kids selling Girl Scout cookies again. «Kids, why do you call me Mom?» — she asked as soon as she opened the door. «Who exactly are you looking for?»

«We’re looking for Linda Greenwood,» one of the children answered.

Linda was confused. She was sure she had never seen these children before. «Well, you have the right address, but why are you looking for me?» — she asked.

The children told me that they were all born under the supervision of Linda as an obstetrician. «We all met at school, where our parents are also friends. We heard them say that by coincidence the same doctor took delivery. They said it was you!» — the children said.

«Our moms used to say that we all have the same ‘second mom,’ and that’s you! Today is Mother’s Day, so we made sure to come here to say hello to you, our second mom!» — the children shared.

Linda suddenly felt her heart soften as she heard the children. She had never had children of her own, but it made her feel good to know that she had contributed to the birth of many children in families who had always dreamed of it.

«That’s very nice of you kids! Thank you for taking the time to say hello to me. I appreciate it,» she said with tears in her eyes. The children handed her handmade cards, which she gladly accepted.

«Please come in. I was just baking a pie when you knocked. It should be ready by now. Are your parents here?» — she said, inviting the children in.

The children pointed to two cars parked on the street. They shouted to their parents to come over, which they gladly did. Linda immediately recognized them as former patients and invited them to her home for dinner.

During the meal together, one of the children says that he insisted that his parents know where Linda lived. Impressed by their children’s sincerity, the parents decided to find Linda by Mother’s Day.

During the meal, the parents noticed that Linda was living in poverty. She had almost no working appliances, and her house was in poor condition. They wondered why such a successful doctor as she was lived this way.

A few days later, Linda was leaving the house to go to her clinic when suddenly she saw parents coming to visit her with their children on Mother’s Day. «What can I do for you?» — she asked politely.

The parents told her that they had noticed how Linda was living. They decided to contact Linda’s other former patients so they could help her.

«Thanks to you, many married couples have the greatest blessing in their lives: children. We didn’t think it was fitting for you to live like this, especially after all you’ve done for others,» one parent said.

«So we all gave a little so you can live comfortably. Please live a happy life. You deserve it,» the other parent says, handing her an envelope with a check for $15,000.

Linda can’t help but cry. The check was more than enough to pay off her husband’s debts, and it would give her a fresh start in life. She deeply thanked her former patients and told them she would never forget their kindness.

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