Elementary school students in the US state of Tennessee have prepared a birthday surprise for one of the employees. His name is James Anthony and he is deaf. On his 60th birthday, the man came to work as usual. The teacher asked James to come into the classroom.

The children sang Happy Birthday to James using gestures. He was touched to tears. “Our kids learned how to sing Happy Birthday using sign language in honor of Mr. James’ birthday. He was amazed,” said school nurse Angela Ridner, who filmed the video.

James Anthony has worked at the school as a watchman and janitor for 15 years. He is hardworking and kind. “Sometimes he teaches the kids to sign language. The kids love him,” the school principal said. “Mr. James’ deafness hasn’t stopped them from becoming friends.”

“I was in shock, I was very very moved. Living with deafness is not easy. But to see the children prepared and gesturing to sing was just wonderful,” John said. Watch the video.

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