Bullying: His classmates called him “bunny boy”: But wait until you see him now

Bullying is never appropriate, whether it’s a child at school or an adult at work.
Evan Hill from New Zealand had a difficult childhood when he was teased and bullied because of his unusually large front teeth.The bullies teased him because of the appearance of his teeth. Because his two front teeth protruded strongly forward, people started calling him “bunny boy”.
His large front teeth were a source of ridicule and bullying, but they also had negative health consequences.
For example, he had difficulty closing his mouth completely. As Evan’s parents could not afford the necessary operation, they were unable to help their son.Then an article about Evan’s teeth appeared in one of the newspapers. This story touched many people.
People in his hometown and across the country eagerly supported Evan.
The love for Evan was so great that complete strangers started a fundraiser on GoFundMe to help pay for the surgery that was so necessary to change his life.The remaining funds were donated to a charity that helps other disadvantaged children receive dental treatment.



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