Brave surfers spent six hours saving a crying baby whale, swimming with him.

In the wild, a human is a consumer, causing a lot of harm and damage, both to flora and fauna, for the sake of satisfying his own, and most often not at all primary needs. However, in recent years, various organizations for the protection of nature and animals in particular have made a lot of efforts to inculcate a more conscious attitude towards nature.

And their efforts paid off, people began to show much more humanism, and sometimes real dedication to animals, and this story of ours illustrates one of such cases that occurred in Costa Rica.

Two surfers on the coast of Costa Rica were about to indulge in their hobby, but suddenly noticed an unusual stir in the river.

They came closer and noticed a small and sick baby whale. It was very weak and barely kept afloat. The surfers carried the baby closer to the sea, but this did not help – it was too weak to swim.

And then they kept the whale afloat for six hours, which saved the baby’s life. After a long rescue operation, they swam to deeper waters and let it go, where it would definitely find its fellow tribesmen who would save it.

What a joy that people are becoming more responsible and conscious of the representatives of the animal world and are making a lot of efforts to save them.


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