At first they thought it was a simple bruise, but the doctors told them the diagnosis

We’re all unique and beautiful from the day we’re born. Some children are hot-tempered from birth, others are calmer, but on the whole, everyone is different.One of the greatest qualities of being human is that we are built in exactly the same way and have evolved to accept and celebrate our differences.
Nicole Hall fears that her daughter Winry will have a difficult life when she grows up because of her unique way of seeing things. She is dedicated to raising awareness of congenital melanocytic nevus.What is congenital melanocytic nevus (CMN)?
Moles that are present from birth or develop in the first few months after birth are called congenital melanocytic nevi (CMN).If we divide as a species because of our differences, we welcome division into coexistence.
Winry’s parents are aware that there are malicious people who point fingers, stare and call her names at school.
Winry is a very positive and healthy child, and her parents hope that she will come to terms with her appearance while she is young, so that she will be able to cope with it later in life.

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