At 23, she has 34 children: See how this is possible

At the age of 18, Tusaivi became a homeless single mother, then decided to start You’re Not Alone in Malawi to help children in need. The babies at the shelter range in age from five months to 16 years old. The girl has to work hard to pay attention to each baby.

“Some children are orphans, some have only one parent, some have both, but they don’t need them,” Tusaivi wrote on her social media.

The girl treats each baby as if they were her own. She gives them all her time. Tusaivi wakes up at 4 a.m. to prepare food for the little ones.

She also changes the babies’ nappies and is constantly up at night when they wake up one by one to eat. The girl teaches the babies and does everything she can to keep them happy. She makes sure that the little ones feel absolutely happy and do not feel the absence of their parents․

Internet users are delighted with the actions of a girl who has given shelter to many little ones left without their parents. Looking at pictures of the extended family on social media, there is no doubt that Tusaivi and her babies are very happy.

The young girl has created a real big family for the little ones and takes care of each of them like a mother. Thank you very much and long life to you, good girl!

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